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Helping chemical shippers instantly discover available tanker truck capacity
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The liquid bulk marketplace
Bulky provides the liquid chemical industry with the easiest method of finding capacity for spot market loads and low-volume lanes
Thousands of Drivers
Bulky partners with liquid bulk carriers to digitize their fleet and allow for instant driver discovery.
Your Preferred Carriers
Shippers decide exactly which carriers can view their posted loads.
Demand-Driven Pricing
Our pricing algorithm adjusts every bid to reflect the current tanker demand at the delivery location.
Quality Bids
Posted loads are only made available to carriers whose drivers are currently capable of fulfilling your shipment.
tailor-Made for liquid bulk
Joining Forces
Bulky was born from leaders in liquid bulk
Bulky began as an idea between BASF and Trimac on how to best bring new marketplace technologies to the liquid bulk industry. Bulky is now being adopted by many industry leaders as a freight fulfillment solution.

Bulky helps carriers find available loads and displays their capacity to shippers for instant matching.
We are excited about Bulky as a way to greatly enhance the utility of our fleet.
Mathieu Faure
CEO of Trimac Transportation
SIMPLe & Hassle-free
How it works
We've built Bulky to be easy-to-use and hassle free
Direct TMS Integration

Bulky consumes real-time fleet information to determine the current configurations for each driver in our digital fleet.

Load Requirement Gathering

Load requirements are extracted from historical tenders to supplement the information provided by transportation planners.

Instant Capacity Discovery

Load requirements are compared against each driver's current configuration to determine who is currently capable of fulfilling the shipment.

Usage-based pricing
Bulky Pricing
No extra charges, no lock-in, easy one-click cancel anytime


Prevent expensive re-delivery events

Decrease transaction costs per load

Increase fleet utilization


/ month


Instantly identify available capacity

Decrease transaction costs per load

Increase on-time-delivery of shipments


/ month

+ $99 per match

straight-forward integrations
Easy to use API
Guide to setup and configuration. Find API examples and documentation below.
Content-Type: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer <access_token>
"referenceNum": string [REQUIRED],   
"commodityName": string [REQUIRED],
"pickUpDate": date [REQUIRED],   
"dropOffDate": date [REQUIRED],
"origin": Location [REQUIRED],
"destination": Location [REQUIRED],    
"requirements": Array [REQUIRED]
"price": double,
"consignee": string,
"sdsLink": string
Content-Type: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer <access_token>
"driverId": string [REQUIRED],
"availableDate": date [REQUIRED],
"equipment": array [REQUIRED],
"homeLocationCity": string,
"remainingHOS": integer
Washable, Reloadable chemicals
Shipments posted on Bulky
We fulfill shipments for all general chemical commodities




Cleaning Compounds


Performance Materials

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